How To Get The SuiSwap Airdrop (Zealy / Crew3 Solutions)

Suiswap is among the decentralized exchanges that run on the SUI community.

It’s at present some of the used testnet exchanges as many try to get the airdrop $SSWP.

Right here’s how one can get the Suiswap airdrop plus some solutions for the Crew3 quiz.

To make issues easy, Suiswap made a tweet on their airdrop course of. 

suiswap airdrop requirement

To affix the airdrop, you could accumulate Crew3 factors. Crew3 is now rebranded to Zealy.

Right here’s an invite link to Zealy to start out incomes airdrop factors.

All the steps required have been highlighted within the Zealy dashboard and every merchandise has a specified quantity of factors you’ll be able to declare.


Zealy / Crew3 (Questions and Solutions)

Additionally, you will be requested a set of questions. Answering them wrongly will set you again a day.

Listed here are the questions and solutions:

1. What’s Suiswap

A unified swapping platform constructed on SUI.


2. When did the Suiswap Undertaking begin



3. What’s Suiswap Factors

A neighborhood level that may be redeemed for airdrop.


4. What Suiswap Factors can be utilized for

Alternate for Suiswap token after mainnet launch.


5. Are you able to get Suiswap factors by being lively in Discord



6. Are you able to get Suiswap factors by turning into Suiswap OG function



7. Are you able to get Suiswap factors by finishing Crew3 quests



8. Are you able to get Suiswap factors by taking part in Suiswap-related Twitter occasions



9. How we airdrop our token to our neighborhood members

Weighted by the Suiswap Factors you’ve got.


10. Can you exchange your Suiswap discord MEE6 XP into Suiswap Factors



11. Can you exchange your Suiswap CREW3 XP into Suiswap Factors



12. What’s the Image of the Suiswap Governance Token



13. Can you utilize Suiswap token to earn platform revenue

Sure, you’ll be able to stake the Suiswap token to earn platform rewards.


14. What’s the appropriate hyperlink for Suiswap web site


15. What formulation is used for basic swapping pool akin to SUI / USDT

SUI/USDT – X * Y = Okay ( Fixed Product).


16. What’s the distinction between the overall swapping pool and secure swapping pool in Suiswap

It means that you can commerce with decrease slippage.


17. What pockets is supported by Suiswap

Ethos pockets.


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