Prosecution Delays and Patent Time period Adjustment on the Rise Once more

The compensation hits at each ends. The pay will increase are inferior to the non-public sector, which makes beginning much less engaging. Then, for the primaries that may truly do additional work the statutory cap on earnings prevents them from doing time beyond regulation.

Subsequent yr I can be paid much less when it comes to buying energy and I can’t even work as a lot time beyond regulation to make up the distinction. Which is ok if you wish to do much less work, however much less superb when you’d want the cash. I perceive that there has to a degree of uniformity within the authorities, however you’d suppose they’d simply let me do as a lot work as I wish to – it must be cheaper to pay me additional than to coach and provides advantages to a junior to make up the marginal manufacturing distinction.

The principle advantage of the job was working from dwelling and setting your individual hours, and now everybody has the previous.

Not too way back, somebody I knew in USPTO administration (increased than a SPE, decrease than a Commissioner) said that they have been seeing older of us becoming a member of the Examiner ranks to safe the retirement advantages.

I imply that could be a real story however the particular person you understand merely isn’t good then. I feel it’s 3% of your pay they take for retirement now? And for that you simply get (common of your 3 highest base pay salaries) * 1% * variety of years.

When you joined and obtained all of your quick promotions, you’d be eligible for a retirement of about 5-6k a yr after 5 years. When you reached main ASAP after which held it for 3 years to get essentially the most out of your common wage calculation (which might take 8 years of labor) you’d have a retirement advantage of 10.5k a yr.

I can’t think about anybody 8years from retirement who would spend 3-4 years making <100k in order that they may get a retirement advantage of 10.5k a yr. That is solely the equal of 262k in a 401k, which you might most likely make up with increased non-public sector pay.

To essentially have the retirement profit kick in you’ll want to be there for 30-40 years, so that you’re on the high of gs-14 scale (166k) and also you get the 1.1% modifier. 166k x 1.1% x 30 = 55k a yr, which is equal to a 1.37m retirement egg simply by itself. That is a extra vital worth, but it surely comes with foregoing 30 years of personal sector earnings.

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    OldCurmudgeon says:

    >The principle advantage of the job was working from dwelling and setting your individual hours, and now everybody has the previous.

    Not a authorities pension?


      Ben says:

      No, as a result of you may get that very same pension from different authorities jobs.

      Additionally, the federal pension isn’t what it was once. If I might decide out and as a substitute ship the contributions to a 401k, I’d.

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      Professional Say says:

      Primaries ought to obtain a $250 – 500 bonus for each app they permit.

      They work exhausting and deserve it.

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      Paul F. Morgan says:

      So what proportion of U.S. patents now challenge with phrases in extra of 20 years? [More precisely under the term statute more than 2o years from their earliest claimed U.S. priority date not counting provisionals?]

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        Dozens says:

        “Problem with”? Absolutely ~0%, no? PTA simply offers you again time period that was chewed up in prosecution, but it surely doesn’t add greater than the unique 20-from-filing. With the intention to get extra that the 20, you need to invoke PTE. Theoretically it’s potential to get a patent issued with PTE, however I don’t imagine that I’ve ever seen it occur.

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        Examiner says:

        The minimal reached at round mid-2018 that plateaued for a couple of years was clearly ended by the implementation of USPTOs TRP initiative in late 2020.

        Since implementing this program the USPTO has confronted considerably increased than common attrition.

        Count on it to get a lot worse earlier than it will get higher.

        Whereas attrition is decrease amongst main examiners, the USPTO is making an attempt to rent its manner out of the issue. It requires (in my estimate) the total time of 1 main examiner to coach 4-6 junior examiners. With extra main examiners coaching junior examiners that finally stop (attrition is as excessive as 60% amongst first yr examiners), and first examiners quitting merely because of circumstances of the job, there can be a continued lower of labor accessible to look at patent functions. This may result in a continued improve in pendency and common time to first motion till an equilibrium is met.

        Finally congress may have a listening to on how the USPTO is failing to satisfy congress’ calls for of pendency. In the event that they wish to get to the center of the issue, they need to examine the insurance policies which might be making folks stop inspecting.

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          RandomGuy says:

          It requires (in my estimate) the total time of 1 main examiner to coach 4-6 junior examiners.

          I feel the precise quantity is a partial SPE element, plus one main on 100% element as a coach, plus three primaries on 80/20 particulars to coach a category of 20ish. That’s not counting massive lecture audio system. That’s just for the primary three months, after that its topic to the person SPE of their artwork unit.

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          Dozens says:

          Who’s “ignoring” Congress? Congress didn’t write that the PTO shall mail a primary workplace motion inside 14 months. Somewhat, Congress supplied that if a primary motion will not be mailed inside 14 months, then the patent time period shall be prolonged accordingly. The PTO is extending accordingly, which is all that Congress has required that the PTO do. No Congressional directive is being ignored.

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            Dozens says:

            Whoops, sorry. This was meant as a response to three beneath.

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            anon says:

            Method to look woodenly at WHY the assure was put in place.

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            Paul F. Morgan says:

            Sure, and the then-clearly-expressed expressed “why” of the complicated plus and minus patent time period changes [& 20 years from the oldest claimed U.S. priority date rather than issue date] of the present patent time period statute was to:
            1. Proceed to present candidates roughly 17 years of issued patent enforcement time, but
            2. discourage applicant delays and Lemelson-like submarine patents issuing for 17 yr patent phrases after 25 or extra years of serial continuations and divisonals.

            [I think this could have been accomplished more clearly and avoided some of the subsequent litigation over this complex statute, but the final draft of this legislation was done and enacted in a big rush.]

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            anon says:

            solely about 30% of instances are receiving a primary workplace motion throughout the 14 months allotted by Congress. I’ll word right here that the PTA doesn’t ‘price’ the USPTO something when it comes to up-front cash and, could make it extra possible that the patentee pays the problem and back-end upkeep charges.

            A number of issues right here.

            First, let’s not be glib as to that 14 months being part of an anticipated deal (to Congress) in preserving the (US Sovereign) notion that the Quid Professional Quo is for a granted patent in alternate for shared (after which publicized) inventor disclosure. Decidedly, the US does not share any ROW view that the QPQ alternate is publication for a mere probability at patent rights. There’s NO sense of “we get to take the quo and share what you’ve together with your quid being you might be permitted to use for a patent.”

            Such will be the deal different Sovereigns have put on the market, however that’s decidedly NOT the US deal.

            That 14 month mark was meant to present the applicant ample time to overview a primary (and full) examination end result, with which to guage going forward with the patent course of or abandoning (with abandonment eradicating the ‘existence’ of the applicant’s disclosure from written historical past).

            Second, trying on the state of affairs as “not costing the USPTO any cash” is greater than crass in evaluating what Congress anticipated. It’s a not-so-subtle manner of reneging on the deal that underpins the US patent system. “Value” is probably not in {dollars}, however make no mistake that “price” is certainly concerned.

            Third, There’s no indications in any sense of details on the report to assist the assertion that NOT residing as much as the deal “could make it extra possible that the patentee pays the problem and back-end upkeep charges.

            That assertion is past ludicrous.

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              Breeze says:

              “… (with abandonment eradicating the ‘existence’ of the applicant’s disclosure from written historical past).”


              1. 4.1.1

                anon says:

                Come now Malcolm, you might be properly sufficiently old to keep in mind that functions submitted to the Workplace which might be deserted previous to publication are handled as having by no means existed (for prior artwork functions).

                Have you ever forgotten the phrase “provisional rejection?”


                  Breeze says:

                  I’m conscious that below Rule 138 you may expressly abandon to keep away from publication. However I can’t consider a single software that I’ve acquired a primary OA on the deserves inside 14 months of submitting the place the OA prompted me to advise a consumer to expressly abandon the appliance to keep away from publication. I imply it’s an choice, however probably not an choice. (Responding despite the fact that you misidentified me. No level in making an attempt to disabuse you of your individual certainties.)


                    anon says:

                    Properly thanks for clarifying (even with snark) that you’re not Malcolm.

                    It’s solely just like the fifteenth prevalence because you posted below this moniker.

                    As as to whether or not a (any) consumer would expressly abandon with receipt of motion at 14 months is kind of completely different than understanding the authorized mechanism (and underlying rationale) for doing so, eh?


                      Breeze says:

                      I’m properly conscious of the authorized mechanism for doing so. I’ve by no means had to make use of it. I doubt many others have both.


                        anon says:

                        Your publish at 4.1 will lead others to the alternative conclusion with regard to that “properly conscious of authorized.”

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                        BlutoBlutarsky says:

                        It’s wonderful how they’ll ignore Congress when it advantages them.

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                          anon says:

                          Sure (sadly), the Govt Department disregarding its main obligation of implementing the legislation (and browse that as additionally together with selective — and political primarily based — implementing) is one in all our best shortcomings of this contemporary period.

                          And it actually doesn’t assist that Mainstream Media is complicit on this.

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                          Breeze says:

                          One strategy to get the PTO to take PTA critically could be to present it to patentees upfront. So, for instance, when you get 3 years of PTA, your first upkeep charge wouldn’t be due for six years.

                          1. 2.1

                            anon says:


                            Malcolm (as Breeze) truly has a worthwhile suggestion. All of us ought to applaud small steps resembling this.

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                            OldCurmudgeon says:

                            tbh, I feel my purchasers could be higher off with deferred examination (i.e., the power to defer examination charges).

                            As a lawyer, OTOH, I’m outraged by these delays in my skill to gather charges.

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                            Ben says:

                            “I’ll word right here that the PTA doesn’t ‘price’ the USPTO something when it comes to up-front cash and, could make it extra possible that the patentee pays the problem and back-end upkeep charges.”

                            What’s the level of this assertion? If it’s to counsel the PTO is detached to PTA, I’d disagree. Whereas the PTO as an entity will not be penalized by PTA, people in PTO administration have bonus alternatives tied to PTA.

                            1. 1.1

                              Dvan says:

                              Ben, would you please clarify extra about how the PTO administration bonus alternatives are tied to the PTA. That’s positively a problem I had not heard about up to now. Thanks.

                              1. 1.1.1

                                anon says:

                                I discover it unhappy that one of these factor must be requested for, and isn’t brazenly accessible to the general public.


                                  RandomGuy says:

                                  No matter what bonuses the administration get, the precise Examiners get a docket administration bonus that may reward avoiding PTA. The docket administration award requires not more than 1 “ceiling” motion in 1 / 4 (a ceiling would trigger a PTA) and would require a median motion time, each per kind (new, particular, modification, after closing, and so forth) and general that’s properly beneath the PTA numbers.

                                  The one two conditions that the docket administration rating wouldn’t cowl is 1) the place the examiner takes a considerable period of time off directly, and a couple of) a state of affairs the place the examiner will get lots of RCEs directly. The previous is extraordinarily uncommon and will end in a redocketing of their instances. For the latter, just one RCE timer runs at a time, so one might conceivably obtain a ton of RCEs directly and by the point the final RCE had its timer going it was already a PTA challenge. (Until this isn’t a PTA state of affairs due to the RCE, I’m undecided on the legislation) Regardless it’s also uncommon. So the examiner docket administration bonus would encourage PTA compliance.

                                  I’d assume that if the PTA charges are on the rise it is because of 1) a mismatch between the work and the examiners (i.e. the PTO most likely doesnt have sufficient AI examiners) and a couple of) the upper turnover and resultant improve in junior examiners, who’ve much less manufacturing and could be extra occupied with growing manufacturing (to get grade will increase) fairly than specializing in docket administration awards (that are, at most, 4% of your base pay – inferior to a grade improve at each grade).


                                  Julie Burke says:

                                  Federal worker behaviors are pushed by the contractual phrases discovered of their efficiency and appraisal plans (PAPs) and their bonus/award alternatives.

                                  Solely as soon as in my 20 yr profession, did TC Group Administrators share sure particulars of their PAP and bonus/award alternatives with their very own SPEs and QASs. As entrance line administration, we have been routinely left at nighttime, making an attempt to decipher what was driving Group Director behaviors.

                                  It’s in line with my expertise that an examiner resembling Ben wouldn’t know the main points of the higher degree’s PAP and bonus/awards scheme.

                                  From 1995-2015, I recall rumors of manufacturing, high quality, variety, pendency, timeliness, hiring and/or retention bonuses/awards which appeared to morph yearly and be applied in another way throughout the TCs, altering priorities and creating unecessary uncertainty.

                                  These bonuses and awards are sizable. OIG studies have documented USPTO bonus/awards that are out of line with Division of Commerce tips and inconsistent with Workplace of Personnel Administration’s requirements.

                                  As a result of the USPTO’s bonus/award moneys come instantly from their “customers,” (inventors, patent house owners and patent candidates) it appears affordable for the IP group, together with examiners and the general public to know what’s within the present administration and senior government service (SES)- degree efficiency plans and bonus/award schemes and the way their cash is being spent.

                                  If administration and management contracts are structured something just like the examiners’ PAP, no marvel issues are off observe.

                                  It’s unlikely this unhappy state of affairs will enhance till USPTO PAPs and bonus/awards, from high to backside, are aligned with Workplace of Personnel Administration’s requirements and Congress’s directives.

                                  For extra on this subject, please see

                                  link to


                                    Breeze says:

                                    As the entire profession PTO officers are doing report breaking excellent high quality work (simply ask them! they’ll let you know!), I’m positive the “bonuses and awards are sizable.”


                                      Dozens says:


                                    2. 1.1.2

                                      Ben says:

                                      I truthfully don’t know the main points of their bonus construction, sorry.


                                        anon says:

                                        You “truthfully don’t know” however are completely prepared to say particulars that you simply “truthfully don’t know”…

                                        It’s simply so tough to imagine that you’re an examiner….